Cursus Iteritas Magnus and Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus 5U modules from Noise Engineering

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Noise Engineering had their first foray into large format 5U modular back in September. Now they have two more modules to bring to the chunky, high-end modular party in the shape of Cursus Iteritas Magnus and Ataraxic Iteritas Magnus. Cursus Iteritas Magnus This is based upon the Eurorack Cursus Iteritas oscillator that works from a […]

Noise Engineering gets into 5U modular with Basimilus and Manis Iteritas Magnus

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Noise Engineering are dabbling in all sorts of formats these days. Not content with producing characterful Eurorack modules, they’ve recently virtualised some modules into Propellerhead Reason. Now they’ve stepped into the realm of the bigger, darker world of 5U modular. 5U Modular This is the space in which Moog Modular operates. When you’re familiar with […]

Q170 MIDI Gates: Moog Unit module produces gate signals from MIDI messages

Published on : produce 5U “Moog Unit” modules for the Moog modular format. Their latest creation is the Q170 MIDI Gates module. It’s a neat way of bringing gate signals into you modular via MIDI messages. Q170 MIDI Gates It consists of three MIDI ports, on In, one Out, one Thru, and 8 programmable gate outputs on […]