6 of the Best: House Music Samples

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One of clubland’s broadest and most enduring genres, house music, is as strong as it ever was, and while various facets have changed over the years, the fundamental 4/4 beats and jackin’ drums are still moving dance floors around the world. We’ve rounded up a bunch of our favourite sample tools for writing your own […]

6 of the Best: Unusual Instruments

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We’re always on the lookout for interesting and unusual instruments that might spark those creative juices. Dave Gale dials up six esoteric contenders. Best Vintage Electronic Instrument: 

Moog Theremini/Theremin Price £249/399 Contact www.moogmusic.com | www.sourcedistribution.co.uk Ever watched an old horror movie and heard that eerie electronic sound as the ghost floats across the floor? The […]