The Sweeper by A flexible envelope filter with many uses

Published on : has released The Sweeper, an envelope filter plug-in with a sidechain input. The resonant filter reacts dynamically to the source signal or a sidechain signal, which lets you create all sorts of useful and creative filtering effects. Like other plug-ins by, such as Noize 2 and Transient Booster, The Sweeper has a very […]

Summer NAMM 2019: Fender pedal range expanded with 6 new models

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Fender has added six new effect pedals to its range the new Pour Over Envelope Filter, Smolder Acoustic Overdrive, Compugilist, The Trapper Fuzz, MGT- LA Tube Distortion and Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb.  Reflecting Pool This new Fender stereo delay and reverb pedal is called the Reflecting Pool (affiliate link). The focus here is on both ambiences and rhythmic delays. […]

Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Fuzz: Thick and dirty tones for fuzz freaks!

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Walrus Audio has collaborated with SNL band guitarist Jared Scharff on a new pedal, the Kangra Filter Fuzz. The Saturday Night Live guitarist is a self-confessed fuzz fanatic. This unit could be a lot of fun! Walrus Audio Kangra Filter Fuzz When a fuzz-obsessed guitarist like Jared Scharff and a pedal company like Walrus Audio get […]