NAMM 2019: Anasounds Element ‘real’ Spring Reverb pedal

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A reverb effect pedal with exchangeable external modules with springs in it? That is interesting and cool. The new Anasounds Element fits on your pedalboard with all classic reverb sounds that you would expect from a spring. Anasounds Element This new Elements pedal system from French pedal company Anasounds is aimed at guitarists allows you […]

Mystic Circuits experiment with intersections in the ANA ring modulating module

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Mystic Circuits have been having a lot of fun with their Zero-HP range of passive external Eurorack processors. But now they’ve released their first proper Eurorack module which takes up a whole 6HP and requires power and everything. ANA provides a whole bunch of useful and logical utilities. ANA ANA takes two attenuvertable inputs and combines […]

Q170 MIDI Gates: Moog Unit module produces gate signals from MIDI messages

Published on : produce 5U “Moog Unit” modules for the Moog modular format. Their latest creation is the Q170 MIDI Gates module. It’s a neat way of bringing gate signals into you modular via MIDI messages. Q170 MIDI Gates It consists of three MIDI ports, on In, one Out, one Thru, and 8 programmable gate outputs on […]