The Sweeper by A flexible envelope filter with many uses

Published on : has released The Sweeper, an envelope filter plug-in with a sidechain input. The resonant filter reacts dynamically to the source signal or a sidechain signal, which lets you create all sorts of useful and creative filtering effects. Like other plug-ins by, such as Noize 2 and Transient Booster, The Sweeper has a very […]

Brainworx / Plugin Alliance brings the Purple Audio MC77 to your DAW

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Brainworx seems unstoppable these days. The Purple Audio MC77 is the fourth plug-in the company has released in quick succession, after the Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Focusrite SC and Ampeg V-4B. The plug-in’s hardware counterpart is an evolution of the legendary 1176 limiting amplifier with extended functionality. With the Plugin Alliance Purple Audio MC77, you […]

SUONOBUONO nABC: A MIDI and CV/Gate controllable sidechain compressor

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No, that’s not an audio interface! The SUONOBUONO nABC, which was just launched on Kickstarter, is “not Another Boring Compressor”. And boring it ain’t, that’s for sure. The nABC lets you control and trigger the compression using various methods including CV/Gate, USB, MIDI, and even a pedal. If you’re into creative sidechain compression, keep reading. […]

Can you quack? Devious Machines’ Duck gets your mix pumpin’

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Most modern compressors, likely including those that come with your DAW, have side-chaining to easily obtain the ducking/pumping effect – popular in dance music. If you want to try a different approach to obtaining it, or prefer a dedicated plug-in for the task, developer Devious Machines may have something for you. It’s a plug-in called […]

Coming soon: Overloud Comp G, a feature-loaded take on the SSL Bus Compressor

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Developer Overloud has all hands on deck working on an emulation of the fabled SSL master bus compressor. In addition to recreating the circuit to the best of its team’s abilities, Overloud has added parallel compression, mid-side processing, a low-cut filter on the sidechain circuit, and continuous time and ratio selection. That’s a lot of […]