6 of the Best: Unusual Instruments

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We’re always on the lookout for interesting and unusual instruments that might spark those creative juices. Dave Gale dials up six esoteric contenders. Best Vintage Electronic Instrument: 

Moog Theremini/Theremin Price £249/399 Contact www.moogmusic.com | www.sourcedistribution.co.uk Ever watched an old horror movie and heard that eerie electronic sound as the ghost floats across the floor? The […]

6 of the Best: Eurorack Oscillators

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With the ever increasing popularity of modular synthesisers, we compile our hit-list for the classiest Oscillators which adhere to the Eurorack format… Best Analog VCO: Studio Electronics – Oscillation VCO Price £249 Contact sales@mslpro.co.uk Presenting a sound which is inspired by the likes of Arp and Oberheim, with a little bit of Roland thrown in […]