Orb Composer is the first Artificial Intelligence designed for music composers, with more than five years of research and development to bring it to life, according to Hexachords. It’s new 1.5 update integrates a MIDI editor, drum sequencer, new Orchestral Template, Smart Melody Import and other major improvements and bug fixes.

Smart Melody import allows you to drag in any MIDI file and let Orb Composer arrange an entire piece based off the melody within the file. The AI will create automatic harmonisation and orchestration, at any desired tempo and ‘intensity’. Using the new MIDI editor, arrangements can then be manually altered to the user’s liking. Drum editor will also allow you to modify the selected drum pattern, or create an entirely new sequence. Hexachord has included three new instruments, Harp, Piano 1 and Piano 2 to include in your arrangements, too.

Orb Composer can be used as either a standalone app or integrated within a DAW. In standalone mode, you can also implement VST/AU instruments to incorporate your own sounds into the AI composer.

Find out more at orb-composer.com

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