Today, Sonnox has announced the release of Oxford Drum Gate, a tool which is designed for use on acoustic drum production. The plugin is a result of Sonnox’s own frustration when dealing with traditional drum gating tools; chatter, misdetection, choked and lost ghost notes. Sonnox says that Oxford Drum Gate offers a “swift and logical workflow…and delivers the fastest, most musical and transparent results available”.

Oxford Drum Gate comprises of four aspects that could tackle time-consuming processes found in usual drum gating. First is the Drum-Hit Detection. Sonnox’s plugin analyses drum hits and transients in realtime, with tailor-made technology. Then, the user can manually select which drum hits on which drum are to be kept. For example, to reduce spill on a snare track in a mix of backbeats, ghost notes and cross sticks, the user will click the Snare button. The rest of the kit is then gated out.

Decay is a feature that allows for quick control on resonance in realtime and according to the velocity of each detected hit. This would be great on drums like toms, where the resonance of the drum hit is desired without the spill from the rest of the kit. Leveller is the section in which dynamic consistency is improved. It can enable louder hits in the foreground and softer background hits to be sent to two separately controlled target level ranges.

MIDI triggering is on offer for users who wish to switch out their individual drum sounds with their own samples, whilst retaining the dynamics of the original performance. Perfect if your drum mix is missing a TR-808 cowbell, of course.

The Oxford Drum Gate will launch at an introductory retail price of £127.50. Find out more at

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