Diversion synthesizer

Diversion is a really cool softsynth made by developer Dmitry Sches. I recall stumbling upon it in my synth hunting period and trying out the demo. The shiny user interface and highly dynamic sound left me very impressed with Diversion. Even though I no longer produce music these days, I still have fond memories of the synthesizer and those times of near-constant discovery and awe.

One thing about Diversion is that the included presets primarily target EDM producers, leaving your first impression somewhat skewed. In reality, Diversion is a highly versatile and flexible tool that will convincingly do pretty much anything you’d expect out of a high-end wavetable softsynth, and then some. You can even coax some FM, RM, and wave shaping out of the wavetable oscillators if you know what you’re doing!

Diversion is also capable of sample playback, enabling granular synthesis possibilities. And if built-in effects is what you want, Diversion has eight of them, stackable in two FX lines. So plenty of toys to play with it! Let’s not forget the bus processors, which aren’t FX per se, but still let you run the oscillator outputs through a stereo filter with various modes, distortion with different types of saturation, and a lo-fi section for digital grit.

Did I sell you on Diversion already? Sorry, I didn’t intend to market the synth for Dmitry, I simply like to give praise where it’s due. In case you demoed the synth and concluded you no longer want to live without it, now is the perfect time to get it. Diversion is on sale for 70% off over at Plugin Boutique, priced just EUR 42. That’s a whole lotta’ softsynth for what’s the minimal cost of a proper night out in Sofia, Bulgaria. The deal’s up until October 14, so you’re not even rushed or anything. Which makes the offer even sweeter!

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