MXR Raijin Overdrive

MXR his finally released the keenly anticipated Raijin Drive overdrive and distortion pedal first reported on by our German sister site at the beginning of April. The two circuits are inspired by two iconic pedals: one was green, the other orange…

MXR Raijin Drive

The MXR Raijin Drive overdrive and distortion pedal was designed by Shin Suzuki Shin-Juku who was also the brains behind the 2016 Dumble-tone pedal MXR released in 2016. This new one is based on two classic pedals rather than an amp.

Shin in his workshop with the new MXR RAjin Drive pedal

Shin in his workshop with the new MXR Raijin Drive pedal

Iconic Japanese Pedals

So the Raijin Drive combines two iconic Japanese stompboxes in one unit. I’m sure you can guess which pedals they mean, but just in case you aren’t sure we are talking about the Ibanez TS9 Overdrive and Boss DS-1 Distortion pedals. MXR states that it will give you a “smooth, fat and wide open” overdrive and an “aggressive, harmonically rich punch” through its distortion sound. The two are toggled using a mini switch. The controls are Level, Tone and Drive, so it should be simple enough to use.

The Maijin runs from either an external 9-Volt power supply or battery and is true-bypass. You can hear it in action below in the official MXR demo video. I would also suggest that you check out the interview with Shin Suzuki here on the Dunlop/MXR site, as it has some interesting insights on how this pedal came into being. Well worth a read.

RRP – USD 129

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